Who/what IZWI?

Izwi is an isiZulu word. It means voice. The owner of this particular voice, Simon Barber, was mixed up with South Africa for most of his career. He now lives in the woods 60 miles out of Washington, between the Antietam battlefield and the Potomac River. His trade is wordsmith and over the past 50 odd years he has plied it variously as reporter, pundit, writer of words for others to speak or publish, and, for want of a better word, propagandist. Latterly, he’s been been using his actual voice to narrate audiobooks and do the occasional voiceover. He is also working on a book about his great aunt who rebelled against her class and emigrated to Russia in 1922. You can follow his progress here. Should you wish to reach him, feel free to use the form below.