LETTER FROM WASHINGTON: The purpose of terror is to cause global division 

Obama’s prescient dismissal of scorched-earth option against Islamic State worth preserving, but he has little time left as US president, writes Simon Barber

Source: LETTER FROM WASHINGTON: The purpose of terror is to cause global division | Columnists | BDlive


White death

Donald Trump’s base is killing itself with drugs and booze. Or so one might infer from a startling new paper by Ann Case and her husband, this year’s Nobel laureate for economics Angus Deaton, both of Princeton.

Trump, still frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in most polls, is doing especially well among likely primary voters with a high school education or less and incomes below $40 000 a year (the median US household income is currently just under $54 000).

Fully a third of this demographic said the Donald (so dubbed by an ex-wife who spoke imperfect English) was the guy for them in a late September survey by the Pew Research Centre. His closest rival for their affection was Dr. Ben Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon who has said he would rather see a bullet-riddled body than any impairment of Second Amendment gun rights. He mustered just 14 per cent. No one else in the herd made it into double digits. Continue reading “White death”