Dilbert’s Creator: Trump Wins

It is now entirely conceivable that Donald Trump will be America’s next president. He has locked up the Republican nomination. His defeated rivals are uniting around him, as is the party’s leadership in Congress.

He is neck-and-neck in national polls with the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. She may lose the June 7 California primary to the indefatigable Bernie Sanders, whose supporters, whatever happens, look unlikely to cede the field with grace. The Democrats could enter the general election in November more divided than the Republicans.

So it is time to start thinking the unthinkable. One observer who has been thinking it for longer than most is the creator of the hugely loved Dilbert comic strip. Scott Adams, whose latest book is entitled How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big, has an unusually smart feel for the zeitgeist.

He was one of the few who foresaw Trump winning the nomination when the race began. He is now predicting a landslide in November.

Full article: LETTER FROM WASHINGTON: Trump is the master of the dark arts of politics | Columnists | BDlive

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