Night of the Nut Job

Night one of the cartoonish Donald Trump convention in Cleveland, Ohio, was devoted to the proposition that under President Barack Obama America has become Gotham City and that the mayhem will only deepen if Hillary Clinton is elected in November.

Republican Batman-in-waiting Donald Trump made his first appearance — to introduce his wife Melania — as a silhouette on a dazzling white screen to the unauthorised strains of Queen’s “We are the Champions”.

It was as if the previous speaker, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, having warned that the upcoming election might be America’s last if Clinton won, had left the stage to flick on the Bat Signal.

Except that the shadow smacked less of the Caped Crusader than of the Penguin, the portly villain played by Danny De Vito in the second of the Michael Keaton Batman movies.

Full article: NEWS ANALYSIS: As the Joker once asked: enough madness? | Opinion & Analysis | BDlive

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