First vote

In next Tuesday’s midterm elections I’ll be voting for the first time as an American citizen. I’ll have a lot of choices to make — governor, senator, member of congress, representative in the state legislature, county commissioners and a lot more besides. Under normal circumstances, I’d expect my picks to include both Democrats and Republicans.

 My incumbent governor, a Republican, deserves to be returned for a second term. He’s done a decent job and the Democrat, though a good man, lacks the relevant experience. For congressman, I’m going with the Democrat. A few years ago, I would have gone with the Republican even though we were ideologically miles apart and he was a pancake or two shy of stack. But he’d been particularly helpful in chivvying the State Department to process my children’s passport applications so we could go on holiday. This time, no matter how worthy of consideration some of the Republicans on the ballot may be, none will get my nod. I am voting against their party and praying that a large majority of my fellow citizens do likewise even if they can’t stand Democrats.

Some will say I have fallen into the tribal trap of American politics. Not so. I feel no great allegiance to either party, and while my politics have definitely drifted left, I find the  the Democrats a deeply frustrating lot.

Their propensity for virtue signaling at the expense of vote winning has contributed mightily to the current horror show — that and the fact they allowed themselves to be captured by the same economic elites that gave us President Trump. Moreover, had they been awake at the switch, they might have prevented Republican gerrymandering of congressional districts after the 2010 census.

But if the Dems have been hapless, the Republicans have slid towards depravity, mindlessly worshipping at the altar of the golden calf in the White House. This election season has been a carnival of awfulness, with Trump, his party and their television network, Fox News, piling lie upon gobsmacking lie while whipping up fear and racial hate.

They discovered that voters actually liked the feature of President Obama’s health care reforms that blocked insurance companies from refusing to cover the sick. Having unsuccessfully moved heaven and earth to kill that provision, the Republicans have now turned round and said, au contraire, they were always been for it and it was those Maduro-style Venezuelan socialists, the Democrats, who were going strip the sick and dying of their coverage.

Viler still is the “Caravan” lie that an army of would-be border jumpers laced with terrorists and gangsters, pullulating with infectious disease and underwritten by the globalist (read Jewish) financier George Soros is heading north through Mexico to “invade” the homeland, necessitating the deployment of 5 000 troops to the border and the trashing of the constitution to deny citizenship to any baby that might be born if a marauding mother made it across.

When, amid Trump’s venomous spew against his opponents and the media, a Trumpist fanatic was found to have been sending bombs to the president’s bêtes noires, Trump expressed regret his groupie had interrupted the momentum of the Republican campaign. Then another homicidal misfit got it into his head to stage a pogrom in Philadelphia. The Jews, he explained in a final note on social media, had dispatched the Caravan to kill his people. Trump’s initial reaction was that the Tree of Life synagogue should have had an armed guard.

In the book of Exodus, the worshippers of the golden calf come to a sticky end when Moses finds them at it. “There fell of the people that day about three thousand men”. I wish no physical harm to Republicans, only hope they are voted out of office in like numbers. They need chastening if America is to rediscover the promised land of a functioning democracy. 

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